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We all love content, movies, apps and music right?
Well, with that love comes the responsability of keeping yourself safe.

Don't be a numpty and play the big man know it all, why has this site not been indexed by any of the search engines since being registered on the 12-09-2012?

Simply put you need to hide your ip by using a vpn service that encrypts your web traffic so you are not caught downloading shit that your country says you are not allowed to! What would happen if you are caught downloading and are taken to court, tortured or worse? Would you fuck a prostitute without wearing protection? Some of you  probably would but the majority of us would take precautions....

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VPN Virginity does have a cure!

If you don't actually give a rats arse about the people you know then at least cover your own miserable numpty arse and get yourself a vpn !NOW!