Win An Elephant!elephant2x

Seriously? My very own Elephant?

An Elephant would be a fantastic prize but it would probably destroy your home, shit all over the place and be a pain for Amazon to deliver...

So how about a !!! YEARS SUBSCRIPTION !!! to your favorite vpn service provider instead? Now that would be preferable to a live Elephant would it not...

Every week we hack into china's top super computer and task it with randomly picking someone out of our mailing list to receive this top geek prize!

Disclaimer: Fred actually just throws a dart at a long printout stuck to the wall :)

We have 3 darts...

When we went to the massive expense of purchasing an office dart board we received 3 darts so why not put them to good use?

shoppingThe second and third data pinpointing system devices, otherwise known as "darts" will pick out the lucky second and third place winners who will also NOT receive an Elephant but instead become the proud owners of some random crazy desktop device such as this fantastic yodeling pickle!

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